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Publications and Talks



2022: Foraging Tangibles for Participatory Design: Decolonising Co-creative Processes through Sustainable Engagement with Place

Danielle Wilde, Mary Karyda, Iben Østergaard Fog, conference paper


2019: Wearable Synaesthesia: Speculative Design for Disability

Iben Østergaard Fog, Petra Piskor, SIDER19 conference

2017: Results from a national flash-mob investigation

Nadia Hejgaard Jensen, Kristian Møller Jensen, Elise Mølleskov, Iben Østergaard Fog


2020: Food Waste Utopia: Community Building and Practise Sharing as a new Sustainable Future (Master Thesis)

Iben Østergaard Fog

2020: SDU as an SDG University: With a focus on the communication and implementation at Kolding Campus

Iben Østergaard Fog

2019: Temporary Sustainable Urbanism in Kolding for People with People, New Nordic Design Thinking Talent Program

Iben Østergaard Fog

Forsknings Døgn, SDU: Smag på fremtiden

Live stream with Danielle Wilde, Christoffer Bro Christensen & Adam Montandon

Riberdyb10: Lunch Feed

Live stream about green communities in Kolding

UngKolding: Food waste challenge

Live stream with Torben from Tobbers Restaurant

UngKolding: International women's day

Live stream Talk: Feminism 

Green Street Kolding - Torvelørdage


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