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The Social Dumpster Dinner is Food:RE:Formers most popular event which gathers all three core concepts in the organization:


To create awareness about food waste, community building with social encounters and to empower education.


The event follows a framework with guest speakers, an interactive discussion and data collection and a free dinner created from donated surplus food. The event is planned and hosted by volunteers from Food:RE:Formers and Torben from Tobbers Madbar.

The event is always fully booked with up to 60 people attending. Due to Covid-19, the last event had a limitation on 40 people. The event is often in collaboration with other stakeholders. We use it as a platform for community building and reaching out to young citizens interested in food waste but do not have the time to be an active member.

At the last Social Dumpster Dinner event, the topic was sustainable Kolding and Bioplast, where three guest speakers attended the event. It was followed by an interactive discussion, where the participants were introduced to a playful activity.


The data from the participant's insights are always presented to the relevant stakeholders. At the last dinner, the participants reflected on how they igamined Kolding in the future as a sustainable city.


Graphic by Antonia Fedder

Pictures from Social Dumpster Dinner#4: Sustainable Kolding

Pictures by Nina Park

Video from Social Dumpster Dinner#3: Christmas edition

Video by Robert Orlowski

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